Makeup lovers sick of people equating the idea of loving the art of “putting your face on” with being shallow, having low self-esteem, or wanting to please men have started posting before-and-after makeup shots on Instagram with the hashtag #PowerofMakeup.

As BuzzFeed explains, the movement started when Vlogger NikkieTutorials posted video of herself glamming half her face to show how she uses makeup to transform herself for her own amusement. Writing, “I feel like lately makeup shaming has become a thing,” she continues on saying, “It’s as if putting makeup on to have fun is a shame. Therefore, I thought it would be cool to show you the power of makeup. A transformation. Because makeup… is FUN!”

This all brings up a good point: Makeup and self image have a strange relationship. While we don’t love the idea of a woman feeling dependent on it, we also don’t begrudge anyone the use of it if it really truly makes her feel great. We’re built on the idea that changing up your look is a good time! It’s a creative outlet that allows you to express yourself in countless ways. So as long as you love yourself as you are and aren’t using it as something to hide behind rather than celebrate your positives, what’s the harm in it, really?

Check out some of the over 28,000 shots that have been posted with the hashtag so far.

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The power of makeup#powerofmakeup

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Pretty incredible, no? Now check out the video that started it all:

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