Even when it comes to her makeup, Amal Clooney is a woman of substance. She doesn’t indulge every passing trend, instead relying on the time-tested wisdom of flawless foundation, power brows, and red lipstick (this shade, to be exact) to make her look polished and enhance her classically beautiful features. Meanwhile, we always feel a bit guilty even discussing her (curly?) hair and makeup, since the human-rights lawyer and activist has some slightly more important things on her mind.

We just can’t help ourselves, though. Example: Last night we got a peek at a whole other side to George Clooney’s gorgeous wife—a side that slinks around wearing a bronze smoky eye that would do J.Lo proud. Oh, and we should mention that this uncharacteristic makeup matched up to her metallic crop top. The occasion: a “naughty Christmas party” thrown by Clooney’s makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury to launch her new flagship beauty boutique in London. While not quite naughty, Clooney’s eyes would qualify as intensely flirtatious, thanks to extra-long feathery lashes and warm shimmer shadow blended up to the brow bone and smudged down under the lower lashes. While we haven’t gotten official confirmation yet, we’re betting this look had a lot to do with Tilbury’s own Golden Goddess eyeshadow palette. But what we’re really yearning to know: the name of that flushed, kissable lip color. If we get any intel, we’ll update you here ASAP. In the meantime, we’ll be plotting some Amal Clooney-inspired date-night eye makeup for later on.


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