If earth-friendliness is a high-priority in your makeup, hair, nail, and skin care routine, here’s a reason to dance a happy little jig: Spotting scary-additive-free products is about to get a lot easier. For years, the Environmental Working Group has kept a database of products with ingredients they think are safe for both people and the planet (called the Skin Deep cosmetics database), and they’ve recently expanded it into an official certification process that will give companies the option to add a “EWG VERIFIED” mark to the packaging of approved loot.

This is one move in the larger picture of consumer-product labeling—other logos can indicate everything from a lack of animal testing (like the Leaping Bunny label) to certified organic products, but this one is aimed at drowning out the noise when it comes to specific ingredients and their impact on the world and our health. The first two companies to receive their certification: cosmetics and skincare brand Beautycounter and MyChelle Dermaceuticals.

As for the requirements for the stamp, they’re quite strict. You can read the full list here, but we’ll pull out the highlights: Products cannot contain any ingredients either on EWG’s “unacceptable” list (meaning ones that have potential health, ecotoxicity, and/or contamination concerns) or “restricted” list (meaning additives that do not meet the restriction set by authoritative bodies and industry institutions). Products must have all ingredients disclosed on the label (including fragrances, flavor mixtures, and chemicals used to coat mineral ingredients), and they must follow the European Union’s labeling guidelines for nano materials. They also need to have an expiration date listed.

You can look for more brands starting to use the label in the coming months. Keep an eye peeled for this seal:


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