In a twist that would make a fantastic sequel to The Craft, Megan Fox apparently can make nature bend to her will. Watch her powers in action when a gust of wind comes along on a photo call for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles she was on in Berlin over the weekend.

While she was posing, some wind started up, threatening to blow her hair into her face in that way that would have happened to me, getting hair stuck in my lip gloss and creating a series of shots that could have been taken on a roller coaster. Fox, however, stares intensely straight ahead, daring the wind to mess with her.


Then she manages to work with the breeze to create a wind-machine effect photographers create on purpose, blowing her hair gently our of her face and making her look like the movie star she is.

Sure, sure, she may have lucked out. But the last time I was in a windy situation with a camera trying to look cute was at a friend’s wedding, and I looked INSANE and totally bedraggled in every shot and entirely unlike Megan Fox. Therefore next time the weather calls for rain on a day of an outdoor event, I’m going to send her a message on Twitter and see if she’ll hook me up. Then I’ll suggest we put together a treatment for the next installment of The Craft.