Maggie Gyllenhaal with blond ringlets? Julia Roberts with frumpy bangs? It’s all happening right now. Both actresses have undergone dramatic makeovers—for film roles, though, so don’t panic and view them as signs of some kind of impending beauty apocalypse.

Gyllenhaal has been wearing a big, pale-blond curly wig for her role as a prostitute in the upcoming film The Deuce, along with dramatic faux lashes and red lips/nails. The most shocking thing, other than seeing the usually low-key beauty with this hair, is that she actually looks so pretty with this drastically different, icy-blond hair color. We can’t help but experience some Marilyn Monroe thoughts when we look at the on-set photos of her.

Elsewhere in Hollywoodland, Pretty Woman herself Julia Roberts underwent a less-than pretty makeover—or makeunder, as the case may be—for her role as an FBI agent in the upcoming thriller Secret in Their Eyes. In a major departure from her usual movie-star blowouts (and crazy-glamorous updos; see below video), she sports choppy bangs that almost look like an amateur job done with kitchen shears. Those plus flat waves and very washed-out skin/makeup give Roberts what’s probably her roughest on-screen beauty look to date, but the Oscar winner says that she actually enjoyed the process of stripping away her shiny finish for this part. “It is freeing,” Roberts told E! Online. “But also in this instance it was to show she [the character] was empty.”

The biggest news here, though, is that even with the most not-intended-to-be-pretty makeovers, both of these actresses still look pretty darn beautiful. Guess that’s why they get paid to transform themselves for a living, right?



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