The inspiration behind Birchbox’s new Arrow line launching today? Yoga pants. Well, sort of. The line of makeup, skincare, and body products is formulated to be lightweight, long-wearing, and refreshing with the idea of being worn both during and after you work up a sweat. It’s athleisure-wear for your face.

Looking at the gym-to-street styles taking over the fashion world, the brand “felt that the same elements could apply to beauty—high-performance products that help you look your best, without looking like you are trying too hard,” says co-founder and CEO Katia Beauchamp.

The line is Birchbox’s second in-house beauty offering (the first was the recently introduced LOC, a makeup line you can read all about here) and it features a Revive Cooling Cheek Tint, $18, in raspberry and bright pinks shades, Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm, $14, which reacts to the pH of your skin to give you a presto-chango individualized color, an aluminum- and alcohol-free deodorant, $9, and a water-resistant makeup bag, $12. All are available at Also on the horizon: water-resistant mascara, tinted brow gel, and tinted moisturizer.

Could this be thing that takes your workout to the next level? Perhaps. Hey, anything that might get us closer to finishing our planks in barre class is worth the investment at this point. New Year’s resolutions don’t complete themselves, friends. Oh, and, we’re definitely packing these in our gym bag.

Speaking of fitness, here’s how to exercise your face for tighter, more youthful muscles.

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