3 Ways You Can Make A Difference

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3 Ways You Can Make A Difference

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Thea Christie

Many people think about helping others and contributing to a greater good. It’s not always easy to come up with ideas for how to take action, but giving back doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. If you’re unsure about the skills you have to offer, we’ve collated a few ideas to provide you with some inspiration. 

1. Donate To Your Favorite Charity 

When you are thinking about making a charitable donation, consider donating to a cause that is close to your heart. You’re not required to specifically donte money — food, furniture, appliances, books, hygiene products, blankets and clothing are all great options too.

It’s important to research both the cause and the structure of the organization to see how effectively the organization uses your donation. You can get a sense of the organization by researching its activities such as upcoming programs or fundraises. Indicators of trustworthy organisations include transparency, a reliance on evidence, cost-effectiveness and a strong track record. 

According to Forbes.com, when choosing a charity, search for one that dedicates “less than 30% of its total costs to administration and fundraising expenses.” You can use websites such as Charity Navigator and Guidestar.org to locate this kind of information. That way you can be confident that your charity will maximize your donation.

2. Volunteer Your Time

If you’re concerned about not having any donations to give, you can also help by volunteering your time. Consider your skill set and decide which volunteer opportunities match with them. If you have a green thumb, you could volunteer at a community garden. Are you great with people? You could assist at a retirement home or a hospital. Or if you’re looking at improving your resume, in some industries, you can volunteer directly at an company that does the kind of work you’re interested in. 

Volunteering impacts the community and also allows you to form new relationships, grow your network and gain experience in a new field. You may discover a new sense of purpose or new talents you didn’t know you had. Here are some volunteering ideas to get you started:

  • Work at a non-profit organization
  • Serve meals at a food bank
  • Join a mentorship program
  • Working on a community garden
  • Volunteer at a senior center
  • Work at a food drive
  • Give blood
  • Help build a home

3. Give A Gift That Gives Back

Giving is brings so much joy, so why not give an item that gives back to the community? For example, is someone on your gift-giving list a lover of skin care? Through our Forests for the Future™ initiative, for every product sold we plant a tree in developing countries around the world. When you purchase any Eminence Organics product, you’re also helping global communities restore their environment, grow more food and build a sustainable future.

Interestingly, giving has its health benefits too. Recent studies have shown that giving can actually increase your health, happiness and overall well-being. Giving can reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated and provide you with a sense of purpose. 

causes Close To Our Heart

At Eminence Organics, we contribute to several charities throughout the year such as our very own Eminence Kids Foundation. Our company president, Boldijarre Koronczay, is a survivor of a rare form of childhood leukemia. This experience left Boldijarre with the belief that nourishing the body both inside and out is an optimal way to achieve total health and wellness. As a result, the Eminence Kids Foundation delivers seasonal, organic fruits, juices and vegetables to long-term care facilities in the United States, Canada and Hungary, where it all began.

The Foundation strives to instill healthy choices in children at a young age so they can carry the knowledge to make smart, nutritional decisions throughout the rest of their lives. A portion of the proceeds from every product sold goes towards the Eminence Kids initiative and ultimately helps provide organic fruits, vegetables and foods to sick children around the world.

As mentioned earlier, the Forests for the Future™ program trains farmers in developing countries to build productive and sustainable forest gardens. The gardens empower local people to replenish their environment, grow their own crops and build a sustainable income and future for themselves, their families and their communities. A single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year, while also providing a habitat for biodiversity and helping combat climate change. Thanks to this program, Eminence Organics is the first and only skin care company to plant over 20 million trees!

Are you considering volunteering, donating or purchasing a gift for someone? Let us know in the comments below! You can also visit our Charities Page to learn more about our philanthropic programs and initiatives.



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